You might be in China if...

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- you barely flinch when you see a small child emptying his bowels in the street.
- a cup of coffee costs more than ten times a bottle of beer.
- grown men and women often say hello to you, and when you reply they run away giggling.
- you see nothing wrong with standing on a white stripe in the middle of a highway while cars whiz
 past you at 90kph
- it seems completely normal that some guy on a tricycle wants to buy your garbage
- you use Kleenex for table napkins
- you buy a movie that hasn't been released theatrically yet at home...
- you take cigarette breaks during dinner...
- where every city is (in)famous for some kind of food or cigarette
- you completely ignore most people who say hello to you
- living in a 'clean' city means living in one where you won't mutate. At least not immediately.
- the ugliest western man always has a beautiful Chinese girlfriend.
- at the beach women wear bulky swimsuits from the 1950's while men wear speedos
- you're 4th in the queue but 40th to be served
- buying a DVD is cheaper than seeing a movie in the cinema, and it's available before the movie is 
- dental procedures are a spectator sport (why else would the chair be in the storefront picture 
- you laugh when people say has been civilized for 5000 years
- you suspect that was 5010 years ago
- you think bottled water is clean, safe, and is bottled by people with high moral standards who put
 quality before profit
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